Workout of the week

Hey guys!!

This weeks workout is HIIT cardio that you can include after your workout. You’re supposed to do the HIIT for 4 rounds but to be honest I only managed one and a half on the first day but was able to do 3 rounds on day 2 (Tuesday) On Wednesday I did legs, and I don’t usually do any type of cardio on leg days. Hopefully I’ll be able to do 4 rounds of the HIIT workout by the end of the week šŸ™‚

HIIT Breakdown

  1. 20 X Jump-rope double unders ( jump one basic jump, then do one double under, this counts as 1)
  2. 20 X Kettle bell swings (alternatively you can do freehand squats)
  3. 20 X Jump lunges
  4. 20 X Hanging Knee raises

Join me this week and try to do 4 rounds of the HIIT exercise!!!





Simonette Lubbe

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