Workout of the week 4- Sexy Leg Workout

Today’s workout is a Glute focused workout. I was so sick of squatting and doing walking lunges week in and week out. I was in search of something challenging and different when  I came upon this workout. All of the  exercises are done on the Smith-Machine. Using the Smith machine will stop you from falling over and help you lunge or squat straight down. It also assists in holding your back straight.

Remember to stabilise your core and pay attention to your form at all times to prevent injuries. For more information about this workout


  1. Feet Forward Squat                     3 sets of 10
  2. Pistol Squat                                      3 Sets of 8
  3. Romanian Dead-lift                     3 Sets of 10
  4. Bulgarian Split Squat                  3 Sets of 10
  5. Alternating Reverse Lunge     3 Sets of 10
  6. Backwards Leg Extension        3 Sets of 10

Feet Forward Squat

IMG_8474      IMG_8461

Pistol Squat

IMG_8472          IMG_8473

Romanian Dead-lift


Bulgarian Split Squat

IMG_8465        IMG_8466

Alternating Reverse Lunge

IMG_8462         IMG_8464

Backwards leg extension

IMG_8469         IMG_8471

I hope you have fun with this exercise. Please bare in mind I’m not an expert in any way. I’ve been doing weight training for the past 6 years. If you’re starting a new exercise program please consult your healthcare physician first.


Simonette Lubbe

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