Workout of the week #10

Hey Everyone!!

Today’s workout is a elastic power/yoga band focused workout. We’ll do it as a circuit and will focus mainly on our lower bodies. Next week I’ll share a upper body elastic band workout.

The elastic band is an incredible piece of equipment which lends some resistance to your body weight training. After doing the same exercises our bodies get used to the resistance. Then we have to either add more reps or add some resistance. Before you go buy some dumbbells and hope that you’ve gotten the right size, get an elastic band. There are quite a few exercises that you can do with a simple elastic power/yoga band. In addition it is easy to work with and really light to carry around, which means you can throw it in your handbag to do some leg lifts at work or when you’re on holiday.

Workout Breakdown

2-3 Rounds

10 x Side to side Squat

10 x Clam circles

10 x Back leg lifts

10 x Lying bridge with abduction




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