Vodka month!!!

It all started with one single bottle of vodka over a weekend at my brothers house. One turned into two but soon we couldn’t finish the second bottle. More  than half a bottle of vodka has been sitting in my house for almost 3 months and I have now decided that I should probably put it to good use. Therefore I have declared  May ‘VODKA MONTH’. This month I will attempt to give you one food recipe and one drink recipe per week. I will try and keep it simple so that I don’t need to buy too much extra booze just to get rid of one bottle of Vodka. I hope you’ll enjoy this Vodka journey with me throughout May!!! If you have any great recipe’s you would like me to try please feel free to leave it in the comment section below 😀

Take a look at these awesome recipe’s

Vodka Pasta


Vodka Orange Cheesecake


Garden Tea

Mocha Cocktail


Simonette Lubbe

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