Things I’m loving this Christmas


When we moved to Korea 3 years ago we were very secluded and alone. We didn’t meet any people with similar interests and most people only stay in Korea for 1 year before they go back home leaving us all alone again after a year have passed.

This year however we met some new friends. We also strengthened relationships with people we met a few years ago but never really spend time with. This has been an amazing year for friendships and although our new friends won’t stay here in Korea forever I believe that we will still remain good friends long after. I’m thankful to God for letting these people into our lives

Christmas Cookies

Christmas isn’t Christmas without cookies. Ever since I was six years old, my mother, brother and I would visit my grandmother over the December holidays. My grandmother worked in the kitchens of a boarding school. Every Christmas they would make hundreds of cookies for the kids who would stay at the boarding school during the holidays. This meant that we would spend a lot of time with my grandmother in the kitchen. The smell of vanilla essence would emanate from the kitchen all throughout December. My favourite cookies were ginger cookies so my grandmother would bring those back to her apartment for us to snack on after she finished work


Therefore no matter what eating plan I follow, I will always make space for some cookies over Christmas

Being Thankful

A lot of things happened this year and a lot more could have happened. There has been a lot of changes in the world and in the administration of the world. A lot of things could have gone haywire but so far it hasn’t and because things have turned out much better than they could have I am thankful.

Starting over

As mentioned before a lot of things happened not just in the world but also in my personal life. Christmas gives me to reflect on the year and think about how I could have handled things differently. Reflection helps us discover negative influences in our lives and ways to eliminate these influences.

Starting over means we can find only the things that makes us happy and have a positive influence on our lives. We can find our strengths and hone all our efforts into our strengths rather than focusing on our weaknesses

Simonette Lubbe

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