Healthy Vegetable Rice Rolls

Hey guys,  I recently  went to a Vietnamese Restaurant and had these amazing little rice paper rolls and thought what an amazing idea for a healthy snack.

Often when you’re following a certain type of lifestyle for example vegan or Paleo it can be very difficult to hang out with friends who do not share your lifestyle or diet, to the extend that you spend less time with them because they always  make the kind of food that does not fit into your lifestyle. The next best option, instead of letting your friendship crumble, is to take your own snacks when being invited to their house.

Taking your own snacks will give you something to chew on if they have not provided for you AND it will show your friends the kind of stuff that you usually eat. Having an image they can work from is much easier than listening to what you want and then trying to make you something to eat. We’ve all been there, your friend made a healthy recipe, but unfortunately the two of you don’t view health the same way…

Today I bring you a little Rice paper roll snack that’s packed with fruits and vegetables. Its easy to make and won’t take up too much of your time. Its also really filling. You could even go as far as making yourself a little dessert rice roll if you please.

Choose some of your favourite fruits and vegetables and any kind of sauce you desire. The sauce isn’t a necessity but it helps if you don’t LOVE the taste of plain veggies. The fruit also gives it a sweeter taste.

Wet the rice paper in warm water and place it on a plate. Fill it with a few veggies for example cucumber, spinach and some green grapes. Then fold in the left and right side of the rice paper and roll it up from the bottom.

You can even make dessert rice rolls by mixing some strawberries, blueberries and a teaspoon of Greek yogurt together.

These rice rolls, whether sweet or savory, are a great snack. Its healthy and packed with delicious fruits and vegetables. If you like a bit of meat with your rice roll you can always add a small strip of chicken, salmon or any other of your favorite meats in there.

Mrs Stepford

Simonette Lubbe

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