Run like you’re late for Potions class


If you’re like the Harry Potter clan, you’re probably always off busy investigating strange assurances and very often you’ll be late for some of your classes, this program will help you build the fitness and speed to never be late for “Potions Class” again.


This program is primarily a beginners program. You’ll start of with walking at least 3 times a week with running intervals once a week. I know it seems slow and all you want to do is run full speed for 20 minutes but this way you’ll be building stamina slowly and you’ll be less likely to quit. Your body will have enough time to recover from the strenuous running days. For the first 2 weeks you’ll only train four days a week but during week 3 and 4 you’ll increase your training days to 5.

When starting a running program your first day will always go pretty well. But your second running day whether its the next day or 2 days later will be much harder. Be prepared for that. For the first 2 weeks we’ll take it slower until we’ve build more fitness to run for longer period.

What the level of intensity means?

Easy Walk or Run: 60-70 percent of your Maximum Heart Rate, MHR ( you should be able to maintain and carry on a conversation)

Moderate Easy Walk or Run: 70-75 percent of your MHR ( you should be able maintain this level and exchange a few sentences at a time)

Moderate Walk or Run: 75-80 percent of MHR, (conversation is limited to a few words at a time)

Speed Walk or Run: 80-90 percent of your MHR (conversation is limited to one-word exchanges)

Running Breakdown


This is the program that I started with when I first started running. Although I don’t run long distances anymore I still do sprints regularly.

Stay tuned for the next two weeks of training!


Simonette Lubbe

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Nice , like the different humor , Harry Potter themed.

Thanks Gert, I’m glad you liked it 😀

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