Run like you’re late for Potions Class – Part 3

Now that you’ve been running for 3 days a week and walking for two. You’ve had tow days to rest before starting the next phase of your running program.

For week 3 you’ll go back to walking 3 days a week but running for 2. On the two running days you’ll walk at a moderately easy pace for 2 minutes and then run at a moderate level for 3 minutes. You’ll carry this out for 25 minutes on both days ( I see that this isn’t set out on day 5 😞 )

For week 4 you’ll run for two days and increase your running time to 4 minutes per interval instead of 2! Good luck and have fun.

What the level of intensity means?

Easy Walk or Run: 60-70 percent of your Maximum Heart Rate, MHR ( you should be able to maintain and carry on a conversation)

Moderate Easy Walk or Run: 70-75 percent of your MHR ( you should be able maintain this level and exchange a few sentences at a time)

Moderate Walk or Run: 75-80 percent of MHR, (conversation is limited to a few words at a time)

Speed Walk or Run: 80-90 percent of your MHR (conversation is limited to one-word exchanges)



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