Run like you’re late for Potions Class – Part 2

Hi again my fellow ‘Potter heads’. I hope you enjoyed the last two weeks of running and walking. This week you’ll be walking for longer periods and you’ll have 3 days of running instead of the usual 1.

By now you’ll have build enough endurance to carry on for longer periods. You’ll also be doing longer intervals of running.

What the level of intensity means?

Easy Walk or Run: 60-70 percent of your Maximum Heart Rate, MHR ( you should be able to maintain and carry on a conversation)

Moderate Easy Walk or Run: 70-75 percent of your MHR ( you should be able maintain this level and exchange a few sentences at a time)

Moderate Walk or Run: 75-80 percent of MHR, (conversation is limited to a few words at a time)

Speed Walk or Run: 80-90 percent of your MHR (conversation is limited to one-word exchanges)

Workout Breakdown




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