Our Trip to Busan – Busan Bucketlist – South Korea

Usually when we visit Busan, we just go to the beach visit the restaurants. This year we explored some more. We got hold of 10 things to see in Busan and tried to get to all of them. We kinda did, but we didn’t visit the places that needed a bus to get there since we don’t know the bus system very well.Here is our Busan Bucket list and where we’ve been thus far

Things to see in BUSAN

Places we’ve been to

Haeundae Beach

Out of the 4 times that we’ve went to Busan we’ve stayed in the Haeundae area 3 times. The first time we didn’t do enough planning and had to stay in a motel. But since then we’ve been staying in Airbnb apartments and I have to say I prefer it. We’ve never had any problems and the apartments are always really clean and well looked after. In addition its situated in Marine City, my absolute favourite part in Haeundae

Haeundae Beach has a lot to offer. It has the beach, a cinema, lots of western style restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, Thursday Party and Bombay Breau


Dongbaekseom Island

Donbaekseom Island is accessible from  Haeundae beach. The entrance is on either sides of the Westin Chosun hotel. It has a hiking trail around the island with a great view of the surrounding ocean


Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli beach was quit since it was a cold and windy day.

IMG_8506.JPGThe beach isn’t the only thing worth seeing. The street across from the beach has a lot of hotels, restaurants and coffee shops and bars. I can imagine that its a great hangout place at night.


Most of the coffee shops are 2 or 3 stories high giving you a marvellous view of the beach and bridge


Gwangandaegyo Bridge

I haven’t been on the bridge or travelled over it yet but we were able to see it from Marine city and again from Gwangalli beach


Centum City – The largest shopping complex in the world according to the  Guinness World Records.

The shopping complex has a shinsagea department store along with 2 other malls inside it. There’s a huge food court and just about any shop you can think of, even a Smeg store

Zooraji at Centum City is a dinosaur themed playground for children. Its free and the kids absolutely love it


BIFF Square

A lot of brochures tell you to go to BIFF square, its supposed to be the Busan International Film Festival Square but we didn’t see any move stuff at the sqaure. The square is mostly just a Korean Food Street Food market. If you’re into that kind of thing then go for it. But we’ve been in Korea for a while now and Korean food isn’t a novelty anymore and we often tend to avoid it. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Places I still Want to See

These places will be on our list of places to see when we go to Busan again next year

Gukje Market

Gijang Market

My brother recently moved to Gijang so we’ll get the oppertunity to visit Gijang Market over Christmas

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Gamcheon Cultural Village

Beomeosa Temple

Taejongdae Park

Seokbulsa Temple


Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village is also known as Little Sicily in Asia

Oryukdo Skywalk

Haedong Yonggungsa


So there it is. My Little list of things I’ve seen and things I still need to see in Busan !!!!



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