Nightmare Before Christmas Napkin Rings

Hi everyone. Today I’m bringing something to you that I worked quite hard on. I am an absolute fan of anything Tim Burton. One of the first Burton movies I’ve ever seen was The Nightmare Before Christmas. I loved everything about it. From the music to the animated characters and the overall story. Skellington Jack and Nightmare before Christmas are also always a factor in most of my Halloween costumes or ideas. For example last year I was the Oogy Boogy Man and the year before that, my husband went to a Halloween Party as Skellington Jack.

So call me a little obsessive if you wish :D. You can never have enough Skellington Jack in your life.. am I right? Therefore I have made these adorably creepy napkin rings. They are really easy to make and anyone can do it.

What you’ll need for 4 napkin rings.

Step 1: Roll each 1/4 piece of clay into a long string, 18 Cm (7 inches) each.

Step 2: For Jack’s head and body you’ll use 1/2 of a 1/4 strip clay. First roll a head for Jack. Then roll out the rest of the clay for his tie and jacket. Trace and cut the jacket and tie. Use the rest of the clay to roll out his arms. You can be as creative with his arms as you like. I did a version with long arms and another with his arms  tight against his body. It is totally up to you.

Step 3: Press the head down onto the long ‘string’. Then attach the tie. Fold the jacket around. Lastly press the middle of the arms at the back of the tube/string. Then press the hands down at the back of the jacket. Fold the long part of the clay so it forms a napkin ring. Take a sharp knife and draw a line in the face where the mouth should be. Lightly push down to form the teeth. For the eyes I used a ballpoint pen. I pressed it down slightly into the head at an angle and moved it from bottom to top.

Step 4: Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Roll some wax paper into a ball and place ‘Jack’ against it, as the clay will fold if he lays flat. Bake for the recommended time. After baking leave the napkin rings to cool completely


Step 5: Painting Jack. Start with the white acrylic paint and paint the entire napkin ring white. Leave to dry. Then take a really thin paintbrush and start by filling in Jack’s mouth and eyes. Next paint a heart shape on his tie. Draw thin lines with the paintbrush from the middle of the jacket to the sides. Make thin lines on the jacket. To finish it off, paint the back of the jacket and arms black. Leave to dry completely. Lastly paint the whole napkin ring with glass gloss. Leave to dry and Voila!!!



Simonette Lubbe

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