My week in workouts 9-14 October

Last week we had a lovely long public holiday here in Korea. It ran from the 30th of September till the 9th of October. We went away to visit the southern most point of Korea for a few days and didn’t do ANY exercise except walking a lot. So after eating a lot of junk food I had to go back to gym on Monday. Luckily the owner of our gym is a real die-hard body builder so he opens his gym on most public holidays. This is what my week looked like

Monday – Back & Cardio

I was really exited to get back to gym especially since I was sick the week before last and we had that long public holiday in Korea and we visited Busan for the week. I’ve exercised on and off the last week but nothing really worth mentioning. I was supposed to do 4 rounds of the HIIT Cardio but only managed 1 full round and about half of the second one. The hope is that I will at least finish 2 full round tomorrow

Tuesday – Chest, Abs and Cardio

I’m not a huge fan of chest exercises but I did it. I am still doing sissy push-ups but I am getting stronger. On a more positive note I managed to finish 3 full rounds of the HIIT Cardio today

Wednesday – Legs

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing mostly body weight exercises on my legs. Getting back into weights today was a little tough. I struggled a lot with the Leg Press and felt like giving up during the Barbell Step ups. I just decided that I’m gonna increase my rest period a little longer and push through it. Sometimes you should just keep going! I was glad that I did. I know that I would have been upset with myself if I had quit.

Thursday – Rest

If I say Rest day then it sounds intentional but in actual fact I kind of overslept and woke up late. I wanted to go to gym but when i saw how puffy my eyes were I thought “fuck this shit” and went straight back to bed.

Friday – Arms & Abs

After yesterday’s rest I made it back to the gym. It went pretty well It was actually a lot of fun. I increased the weight with my bicep curls and almost failed with the scull crushers. I was supposed to do some more HIIT cardio but after all the exercise I felt tired and went home

Saturday (Day trip to Seoul)

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday so we’re heading out to Seoul today to find a gift for him. He wants the new GoPro Hero 6 and we haven’t been able to find it in any of the stores here in Korea. We’re going to try at Yongsan Electronics Market but if all else fails I’ll have to buy one online and he’ll have to wait a little longer for his pressie 🙁

Simonette Lubbe

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