My week in Workouts 6-11 November

This week felt really tough for me. I started to incorporate Zuske Light’s Bikini Butt Lift workout with my regular weight training this week. I went to the gym almost everyday this week except for Wednesday but then I still did the Bikini Butt Lift Program at home. Overall my body feels pretty stiff and I’m quite tired. Can’t wait for Sunday so I can rest ALL DAY LONG! Enough about that now lets look at what I did this week. Unfortunately I won’t be able to share Zuske’s Program with you in detail since you have to pay for the membership to gain access to it, but I will give you some idea of what I did.


On Monday I did this leg workout that focuses more on your glutes to build up my butt. I enjoyed it a lot since I did the step ups on the stairs outside our gym. The air was crisp outside but it felt cool and fresh especially after all the squats and lunges.

butt workout


Today was shoulders, I’m trying to get my shoulders to be more prominent but the last few weeks it hasn’t really felt as if my workouts were effective enough so I decided to include some Positives into some of the exercises. Positives are when you slow down your lowering phase for example you’ll lift the weight for 4 seconds and lower it for 10 seconds. I dropped the reps to 5-7 since I couldn’t do any more than that. I didn’t do it with all my exercises only some

Shoulders – Breakdown

Military Press: 1 warm-up set,  3 sets of 5-7 reps ( Slow Positives


Upright Row 3×10

Standing Dumbbell Military Press 3 x1 0

Incline bench Front Dumbbell raises(go light)
3 x 5 Slow positives

Lateral Raise 3 x 5-7reps ( Slow Positives)

Rear delt Raises 3 x 10reps


Today was really cold so I didn’t go to gym but I did an at-home HIIT workout from Zuske light. 


Today was arms and abs again. I did this workout


Today I did another leg/butt workout followed by  20 minutes of yoga.


Today it was only free weight interval training for me.


This workout can be found on


Simonette Lubbe

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