My Week in Workouts 23- 28 October

Hey Guys, Happy Monday. Its the start of a new week and all things good. Forget about all the bad things from last week and start this week afresh

The Friday before last while I was on my way to gym my bicycle skipped a gear and I slammed my foot into the tarred road. It hurt like hell, I twisted my right ankle and bruised me right leg. I was so upset so I turned back and went home. I was supposed to do legs but I could barely put pressure on my foot, it was no use going to gym. At the beginning of the week I exercised really strong but as the week progressed it tapered off a bit

In addition we were also very busy with our Halloween preparations for our Schools Halloween event on the 28th of October. We decided to make a Maze this year in our Ghost House. My husband has been going into school early each morning to build the maze and leaving work really late. All in all it took him 5 days to build, including the waiting times since we had to wait for materials to finish the maze

Monday – Arms

Since my foot was still in pain I decided to only do upper body this week starting with arms and abs today.

Tuesday – Back & Abs


Wednesday – Chest & Legs

My foot still feels the pressure when I stand for a while so I decided to only do exercises where I don’t have to put pressure on my foot like extensions, curls and abduction and adductions

In addition I don’t really like to do heavy weights on my chest since it’s already too muscular so I opt for pushups and variations thereof


Thursday – Halloween Prep day

We woke up at 9 this morning, got ready and went off to work to start the decorations. At 12 we came home to take a shower and get ready for our classes, which started at 2 and ended at 9:30. After our classes we continued decorating the school and finishing up the Haunted Maze.

Friday -Halloween event at our school

We were working until after 1 am this morning to finish all the decorations for our Halloween event so I woke up later than usual and had to get ready for work… No time for gym :'(

Our Halloween event was a HUGE success. The kids were all screaming when they saw us. We used green and red lights for lighting effects and smoke which made it really hard to see in the dark room. I’m so happy that the kids enjoyed it. Its the first year that I feel happy about the outcome of one of these events!!!!



Simonette Lubbe

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