Kiwi and Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

With the warmer weather it’s become easier to just throw some fruits in a blender and make a smoothie. I’ve previously made the blueberry smoothie but found some kiwi’s in the shop this week and thought the kiwi’s could work just as well. This recipe is super easy and although its a little sour you can add some honey or maple syrup to the mixture to make it a little sweeter


Ingredients (Makes 2 glasses)

  • 2 Kiwi fruit
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 small tub of Greek yogurt
  • 1 glass milk (whole milk or low fat. If you don’t want to use milk you can use 1 glass coconut water)
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries ( or any other berry you like)



  1. Chop the kiwi fruit and strawberries into smaller pieces
  2. First mix the kiwi fruit, banana and half of the milk and yogurt together. Add some Honey if you want a sweeter smoothie.
  3. Pour the mixture into a glass
  4. Mix the rest of the yogurt and milk with the strawberries and raspberries. Once thoroughly mixed , pour it into the kiwi mixture using a spoon to stop the 2 colours from mixing.
  5. Serve and enjoy


Simonette Lubbe

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