JNL Fusion DVD Series – Review

JNL Fusion is an extreme at-home-fitness series developed by Jennifer Nicole Lee. It is based on a combination of high intensity interval training and weight training that you can do at home with minimum equipment. I don’t want to say that it’s easy, because its not. You wouldn’t see the extreme results from this program if it was easy.

I recently did the first month of the exercise series when I wasn’t going to gym and let me tell you…. it’s intense. I even lost a few pounds. Now I do it every now and again. For me it was especially convenient  to do during colder months when you don’t feel like leaving the house. This way you can still workout even thought you’re not AT gym.

With the DVD series you get a 14 day healthy eating plan that helps you lose weight fast. Its intense but its only for 2 weeks so totally manageable and it helps you to build healthy habits.

The series lets you exercise a different muscle group every day from shoulders to legs to one day completely dedicated to cardio. Furthermore you won’t do the same exercises every week,  which is great if you’re like me and get bored easily. Everyday is a challenge.

The workout is broken down into weight training and cardio moves. For example you’ll do 30 seconds of shoulder presses followed with 30 seconds of mountain climber and then do this 3 times before moving on to the next mini circuit. The workouts are all about 30 minutes, so its not too time consuming and it works. Its also really good for your fitness level. It almost works like active rest so it keeps your heart rate up while building muscle

This workout is best for at-home because you can follow along with the video but if you have time or if you’ve started to memorize the movements it can easily be implemented at gym too.

If you’re looking for a workout program to use at home or to increase your fitness level then this is for you!!!

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Simonette Lubbe

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