Jamie Eason 12 Week Live-Fit Trainer Review

Jamie Eason is the whole reason I got into weight training. For ages I thought, similarly to many other women, that weight training would make me bulky. At that time I only did cardio in the form of running or cycling at the gym. I was in OK shape but e when I got sick or couldn’t train for a while all my progress was lost…. Because I didn’t have a lot of muscles, I gained weight again quickly when I wasn’t training until a woman at the gym told me that I should do more weight training to help my body burn fat while I’m not active instead of only burning fat when I was active.

I was 23 years old waiting at the airport to leave for my honey moon when I bought a copy of Shape Magazine, Jamie Eason was on the cover and she didn’t look as bulky as most female bodybuilders, she also had that lovely toned stomach and I instantly wanted to look like that. I read her article and started doing the mini exercises in the magazine during my honeymoon.. I read her article over and over to see what she was doing and how she approached fitness. So naturally when she developed the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer, I just had to try it.

BY the time I started this exercise program I was already doing weight training for a few years. Although the program allows you to start on week 3 if you’ve already been training for a while, I started the program from week 1. I even got my husband and brother in law to join me and let me tell you…. its not for the faint of heart.

What I love most about the program is that you use weights that are 80% of your max effort and as your strength increase your max effort increases. Therefore it is always challenging. The other thing I love is that the exercises change every 2 weeks. This means that you would do the same sequence of exercises for 2 weeks and then it changes for the next 2 weeks. It beats the boredom you usually feel when doing a program for too long.

I’ve done this program a few times already and go back to it every few months to change things up a bit although I usually start with week 5 and finish the program or do it for 6 weeks and then move on to another program.

If you’ve reached a plateau or you’re looking for something new you should give Jamie Easons’ live Fit trainer a try. Its available on Bodybuilders.com

Simonette Lubbe

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