HIIT Workout of the Week # 7

This weeks workouts focus on muscle groups that I find weak and like to work on to strengthen. It also includes exercises that I’m trying to master so here we go. These aren’t as intense as the jump-rope workouts but will still get your heart pumping and strengthen your muscles

HIIT Breakdown 3-4 Rounds

1. 10 Side plank with knee tuck into pushup. (5 on a side)

For this you’ll do a basic side plank, lift your lower leg into a tuck and then move into a pushup. This counts as 1 rep. Finish all the moves on one side before moving to the next

2. 20  Jump lunges

3. 10 Lying Leg lifts (abs)

4. 20 Jumping Jacks

5. 10 Kneeling Pushups with knee tuck



Simonette Lubbe

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