Guide to New years resolutions

New years is around the corner and soon we’ll be making all kinds of unattainable goals but wait before we do that, lets stuff our faces with Christmas cookies, candy, and excessive amounts of Christmas dinner foods…. that our bodies don’t  really need.

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean your whole life should be on holiday. Every single day  you go to work, eat healthy-ish, go to the gym and tomorrow you do the same again. So why is your diet and exercise routine also taking a holiday… ‘well because I’m going away for the holidays’ you might say. Ok yes. Point taken. But think for a moment. If you were going to a work conference and staying in a lovely hotel… would you still stop exercising or ‘dieting’. Probably not. You will still watch what you put in your mouth. You will still try and workout in the hotel gym or do a little hotel room HIIT workout.

The whole point about making weight-loss resolutions in January is to lose the weight you gained over December. So instead of waiting until January first to start your new diet or exercise routine, start today. Don’t wait until you’ve messed it all up. If you start working on your resolution today then you can treat Christmas day as your cheat day instead of your cheat month, and then continue your healthy habits the very next day.

Here is a short workout you can do anywhere that will keep your heart rate up and even maintain some muscle during the holidays.

Workout breakdown

10 x pushups

20 x jump squats

10 x hip thrusts (bridge)

20 x jump lunges

25 x air bike

5 x burpees

Repeat 2-3 times.





Simonette Lubbe

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