Ghost in a Shell Review/Discussion

Hi again! Today I would like to give my opinion of Ghost in a Shell. I’ve never watched the cartoons or the previous movie. In fact I only went to see it because of Scarlet Johansson, since I really like her action movies. We’ve been in need of a good female action hero for a while now, especially since Angelina Jolie doesn’t do that anymore 🙁

To be honest I liked the movie, it wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t shitty either. It wasn’t a ‘deep’ movie, but it looked good. I really kind of liked the gritty look of most of the sets mixed in with the really clean high tech sets. I also liked how Johansson walked like a robot, it was pretty cool.

I however feel that the supposed ‘bad guy’ in the movie, could have been as cool as they portrayed him in the trailer. By the end of the movie I felt that he didn’t really feel evil enough, but rather a bit meek.

One feature of the movie that really impacted my own life was how great Johansson looked in that suit. When I saw the trailer I really thought to myself ‘I would like to look like that‘ so… I started training riligeously again , I’m not quite there yet but maybe soon, I might even go to Comic Con Seoul as ‘The Major” 😛


If you’ve seen this movie, please let me know what you thought of it!!


Simonette Lubbe

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