DIY Lace Choker

Hello darlings. I often feel like screaming calms my nerves. When I feel tense I like to be restrained. The rack usually works wonders for me but when I go outside my house, I can’t always take it with me. Therefore I like trinkets that make me feel constrained. Here’s how you can make your own lace choker.

What you’ll need.


  1. Measuring band
  2. Lace ribbon
  3. Snap buttons (2)
  4. A needle and thread.
  5. A charm ( if you want)


Measure around your neck. Be sure to measure an extra 3/4 inch (2 cm).Cut your ribbon according to the measurement. Fold the 2 sides of the ribbon in. Only about 1 cm each. Sew the sides separately.


Sew on the snap buttons on either side of the ribbon.


Button the ribbon and fold it in 2. Check where the middle is and sew your charm on… and viola.



Please I don’t want to hear how you made your lace choker.

Mrs Addams

Simonette Lubbe

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