Workout of the Week

From now on I will post my favorite workout that I did the week before. I usually change up my exercise routine every 2 to 3 weeks because I tend to get bored easily and then don’t put in the maximum effort.

This weeks workout is a HIIT workout that I did on Saturday.

Perform 2-3 rounds

  1. 4 alternating spider crunches followed by a one handed push-up (X4)
  2. Ballerina Squats (X6)
  3. Straight legged dead-lift with a free hand squat (X6)
  4. 1 Pull up with 3 jumping squats (X6)
  5. Weighted sit-up to goblet squat to shoulder press (X5)

What was your favorite workout this week?



Simonette Lubbe

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