The Mummy – Review

I was exited to see this motion picture as it looked really action packed in the trailer and I was eager to see what the movie was about. I also really like Sofia Boutella, I’ve been wishing for a good female action hero for a while now especially since no one does it as well as Angelina Jolie…. Therefore we went out to see it on Tuesday morning.

-Spoiler alert-

The movie started off pretty well with Nick Morten (Tom Cruise) being a bit of an anti-hero. Nick and his friend Chris Vail, so called soldiers of fortune accidentally discover the tomb of Ahmanet, a cursed princess who killed her father and baby brother to gain power of her fathers kingdom. She made a pact with Set to bring him into a mortal body but was captured and buried alive before she could complete her ritual. After Nick discovers the tomb, Ahmanet chooses him as Set’s Vessel and a chase ensues….

I have to admit I expected a lot more from the movie… I expected more scenes between¬†Ahmanet and Nick where she tries to persuade him to join her cause. I expected her to have more power and I expected Nick to use the power of Set in a more dramatic way than he eventually did.

The character didn’t develop that much even though they tried to depict him as a liar and a thief who only cares about himself. It however felt as if he was always a good guy and would always choose the right path in the end…. to me Ahmanet made the wrong choice in choosing Nick as her beloved….

Overall the movie was disappointing and had a weak story-line.


Simonette Lubbe

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