Interview with Beauty Instagrammer i_am_the_makeup_junkie

Today I’m interviewing beauty Instagrammer @i_am_the_makeup_junkie. She’s been my makeup inspiration for a while now. She only started instagramming in May this year but has already gathered a substantial following. I like how she mixes it up with her different styles of makeup and also her inspirational messages. Here is what she had to say 😀IMG_20170723_131407_009.jpg

1. Where did your interests in make-up begin? 

When I was in High School I started wearing basic/ minimal makeup. My mother never wanted me to wear makeup at “such a young age” and she used to confiscate my makeup.

Back then I bought cheap products and kept on replacing them every time my mother took it away.  Later I went through a long stage of not wearing any makeup.  I was very depressed about the way I looked and did not have much interest in looking better.  

My real love for makeup only started about a year and a half ago.  I received my first Naked palette from Urban decay as a gift.  It wasn’t available in South Africa back then.  I decided looking up some ideas on how to combine and create different looks for that specific palette.  That’s when I realized how much I enjoy being creative with makeup, and ever since my love has just grown tremendously!!


2. What was the first cosmetic product you ever used.

I remember when I started High School and all the girls wore pale foundation and dark eyeliner (AKA the Avril Lagvine look).  So that was my first makeup look if you want to call it that. LOL.  I never really experimented much and I went through a long time of just applying basic makeup and trying to follow a few trends here and there. 


3. What would you never leave home without?

Lip balm.  I cannot live without lip balm.  I must own about 15 different flavors of lip balm.  It’s definitely a must in my bag.


4. If you were stuck on an island with a handsome stranger and you can only take 1 item with you, what would it be and why?

Sunscreen!! You do not want to look like a plump red tomato and scare the handsome stranger away.  Also I love my skin so much.  It’s the only one you’ve got!! So take care of it.


5.What’s the best make-up advice you’ve received?

To not take makeup serious. Because it can wash off afterwards. So experiment and have as much fun with it as you can.

IMG_20170523_094032_722.jpg6. What’s the worst makeup advice you’ve received?

The worst advice I’ve received is to “not wear a lot of makeup”. You know when you get people saying, “Why are you wearing so much makeup?”  It used to make me feel very insecure, but then one day, one of the beauty gurus said: I wear a lot of makeup because I feel like a bad ass Bitch…and it aint that deep.  It comes right off!!  And she’s right!! Just use a great makeup remover, cleanse and moisturize every, and screw the haters!!! 

IMG_20170512_071002_286.jpg7. Who is your makeup inspiration?

Tati Westbrook is a 35year old famous makeup artist and has a YouTube channel called Glam Life Guru.  She started out her YouTube channel as a hobby to teach women about makeup but ended up making it her full-time job. I love how she reviews new and “gimmicky” products.  If there’s something new on the market ,she will find it first and review it. She does not try to act like the younger YouTube artists, and definitely stays true to herself. 



Simonette Lubbe

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Thank you so much for featuring me on you blog. I had so much fun answering the questions. I am so glad that I inspire you with my makeup looks. There are so many Beauty Instagrammers that look flawless and set extremely high standards.
My goal is to show the average girl that we all can play with makeup and keep up with trends regardless of r how we look, what age we are or even what size we are. Makeup is supposed to be fun and not so serious.

Thanks for allowing me to interview you Biance. I had so much fun 😀

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