The Space Between Us – Review

This past weekend we watched The Space Between Us. We missed the movie when it came out at the cinema’s but a few weeks ago I saw an old poster at our local cinema. We got our hand on a copy of the movie and watched it as our ‘Sunday Night Movie‘.

Spoiler Alert!!!!


A team of astronauts fly to Mars to start a new colony called East Texas Mars. On the way there the head astronaut discovers she is pregnant. NASA decides to keep this information a secret until they can find a way for the baby to return to Earth since the baby’s gestation period was in 0 gravity. Upon arrival on Mars the mother delivers the baby but dies in childbirth. NASA keeps the child’s existence a secret for 16 years.The boy makes contact with a girl from Earth and decides to go meet her on Earth and to find his father.

The Space Between Us is a lovely written teenage love story and a story of self discovery with some suspense and cool actions scenes. Its also a bit tragic too since Earths gravity and atmosphere is killing the boy and we realise that he would never be able to survive on Earth.

Its a really sweet movie for young and old. So get your hand on it and make it your Sunday Night Movie



DIY Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Since its getting colder and colder I’ve been eating a lot of citrus type fruits recently and I just love the smell of oranges and mandarins so I thought that a mandarin sugar scrub would be a great way to prepare my skin for the dry weather that’s on the way. Its also a great handmade gift for a special friend. You can read how to make your own essential oils from my previous post.


Mandarin essential oils have some great benefits. For centuries its been produced in Brazil, Spain and Italy. It has also been used to relieve stomach aches and cramps in children.


Benefits of mandarin oil

Psyche: Has a refreshing and calming effect. Good for relieving  feelings of depression and anxiety.

Skin: Refreshing and calming. Useful for cellulite, reduces scars

Reproduction: Energising: useful for feelings of irritation during PMS

Mix with: Other citrus oils, chamomile, lavender, neroli, petitgrain, marjoram, rose and black-pepper.

Therefore its an amazing scrub to use at night before going to bed or when feeling stressed.


The only problem with Mandarin infused oils are that because it’s a citrus oil, it can make your skin sensitive to sun exposure. Therefore its better to use it at night rather than in the morning. In addition be sure to avoid using citrus oils for at least 4 hours before sun bathing or using a sunbed

What you need

  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons mandarin infused oil (coconut or grape seed oil with 4-6 drops of mandarin essence)
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • cute container
  • Bowl and spoon


  1. Mix the sugar, oil and honey in separate bowl with a spoon.
  2. Scoop into a cute container
  3. Decorate with ribbons when gifting to a friend


The scrub has a bit of a rough texture but this can be reduced by adding more honey.







Workout of the Week #2

Since I’ve been in my 20’s I’ve been too scared to use a jump rope as I felt heavy and unable to jump, but a few years ago I saw this lovely little exercise routine and decided to give it a try. It was much easier than I expected even though I hit myself with the rope more than once or twice.

This is one of my favourite exercises of all time. I do it whenever I have some extra time after gym or if I feel I haven’t trained hard enough. I also like doing it as a pre-workout warm up. Its also easy enough to do as a workout on its own while on holiday. All you need is a jump rope.

This exercise is divided into two parts that should be done consecutively.

Part 1

Jump rope Superset (repeat 5 times to perform 100 jumps before doing the squats)

  • 10 basic bounce
  • 10 high knees

30 free hand squats


Jump rope Superset (repeat 5 times to perform 100 jumps before doing the lunges)

  • 10 basic bounce
  • 10 high knees

20 jump lunges

What is your favourite jump-rope routine?


302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed by Olivia St. Claire – Book review

This is one of my all time favourite books. I bought my first copy in 2004 after I left school (and I’m still using it 13 years later). My high school sex experiences consisted of missionary and more missionary with the occasional doggy style. I thought that the best way to spice it up a bit would be to buy a book from an “EXPERT”.

SO there I was in the bookstore trying to find a book that seemed interesting and without too many pictures at the front in case someone saw the outside cover. And then I saw it….what more can you ask for than 302 advanced techniques.


I consider this one of the best books I’ve read because of the first few chapters. Before you even get to all the advanced techniques they have a section on Passion triggers and the art of seduction. Truth be told. If you cannot feel sexy on the inside, how do you expect others to find you sexy. Passion triggers are those things that reminds you of something that made you feel sensual and lusty


Extract from chapter 1

Whether it’s a silky teddy, a succulent mango, or the memory of making love in the foamy surf, a Passion Trigger is something that connects you to your most primal, earthiest instincts. It breaks the seal of your everyday, mundane self and catapults you into delicious and wise abandon. Swept away by erotic impulses, you simply know how and when to apply just the right flick of tongue o an unawakened nipple. Steam radiates off your body, sending electric messages to his divining rod – and you become a true artiste of your own sexuality.

Using these passion triggers has proved to work wonders in and out of the bedroom.

Another reason why I love the book was because of the language Olivia St. Claire uses. She uses words like majestic rod, phallic worship, which puts you in the mood to worship your man and his succulent fruitIt teaches you to see sex as something  that bond partners physically and spiritually.

The book teaches you, as a woman, to value yourself. There is a lot of focus on loving yourself first.

A powerful aura surround the woman who loves her own body, and she becomes a deliciously dangerous weapon of love.


Christopher Campbell

In her book there is nothing about being perfect or having a perfect body but rather of making the most of what you have. If you are sporty flaunt your athletic body and sinewy muscles. If you are smart, let intelligence shine through your eyes, if you are more earthy, play up your voluptuous figure and womanly walk.

The book teaches you to become the Cleopatra to your Caesar or the Marilyn Monroe to your Joe Dimaggio.

Furthermore the book makes it easy to find the sections you want to know more about and gives you a lot of great ideas for creating a Pleasure Field of Heaven in your bedroom.

Get the book here 


302 Advanced Techniques to Drive a Man Wild in Bed by Olivia St. Claire.

How to make a doll wig- First attempt

As you know my new hobby involves customising dolls. I have done a few face-ups but I want to expand into doing more than just the faces. Therefore I decided to try my hand at hair. There are 2 ways to change the hair on a doll. The first is to re-root the doll the other is to make a wig. Since I was too scared that I might ruin my doll by re-rooting her hair I decided to make a wig first. I used my Cloe Minifee doll for this as I don’t need to remove her hair since she had none to begin with.


Please note this post contains some doll nudity

I had an old purple wig from last years’ Halloween so I decided to use the hair from that.

It was already wavy and I didn’t need to style it in any way. I started off by cutting pieces of hair to the length of about 15 cm from the wig.

1. I used a piece of plastic and lay it flat on the table. I then used glue and a paintbrush and smeared a line of glue on the plastic. I then proceeded by placing strands of hair on the glue and giving it another coating of glue on top.

2. When it was dry I covered my doll with clean plastic and placed a wig cap on her head. I covered the whole doll so that I wouldn’t get any glue on her.

3. I then cut the rough edges off the dried hair pieces.



4. Next I then started at the bottom of the wig cap, applying some glue to the cap and placing the pieces of hair  to the glued areas working my way up until half of the wig cap was covered with hair.




5.Then I drew a Line in the middle of the wig cap and proceeded by making the middle part ( watch this video for detailed instruction on how to make a middle part)

6. After the middle parting has dried I proceeded filling in the rest of the head with hair.


This process took me a few days because I didn’t realise how much hair would be needed for this specific doll and I could only work on her after work. This means that as soon as I ran out of hair I had to start at step 1 again and wait for the hair to dry before continuing.