My week in workouts 9-14 October

Last week we had a lovely long public holiday here in Korea. It ran from the 30th of September till the 9th of October. We went away to visit the southern most point of Korea for a few days and didn’t do ANY exercise except walking a lot. So after eating a lot of junk food I had to go back to gym on Monday. Luckily the owner of our gym is a real die-hard body builder so he opens his gym on most public holidays. This is what my week looked like

Monday – Back & Cardio

I was really exited to get back to gym especially since I was sick the week before last and we had that long public holiday in Korea and we visited Busan for the week. I’ve exercised on and off the last week but nothing really worth mentioning. I was supposed to do 4 rounds of the HIIT Cardio but only managed 1 full round and about half of the second one. The hope is that I will at least finish 2 full round tomorrow

Tuesday – Chest, Abs and Cardio

I’m not a huge fan of chest exercises but I did it. I am still doing sissy push-ups but I am getting stronger. On a more positive note I managed to finish 3 full rounds of the HIIT Cardio today

Wednesday – Legs

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing mostly body weight exercises on my legs. Getting back into weights today was a little tough. I struggled a lot with the Leg Press and felt like giving up during the Barbell Step ups. I just decided that I’m gonna increase my rest period a little longer and push through it. Sometimes you should just keep going! I was glad that I did. I know that I would have been upset with myself if I had quit.

Thursday – Rest

If I say Rest day then it sounds intentional but in actual fact I kind of overslept and woke up late. I wanted to go to gym but when i saw how puffy my eyes were I thought “fuck this shit” and went straight back to bed.

Friday – Arms & Abs

After yesterday’s rest I made it back to the gym. It went pretty well It was actually a lot of fun. I increased the weight with my bicep curls and almost failed with the scull crushers. I was supposed to do some more HIIT cardio but after all the exercise I felt tired and went home

Saturday (Day trip to Seoul)

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday so we’re heading out to Seoul today to find a gift for him. He wants the new GoPro Hero 6 and we haven’t been able to find it in any of the stores here in Korea. We’re going to try at Yongsan Electronics Market but if all else fails I’ll have to buy one online and he’ll have to wait a little longer for his pressie 🙁

The 3 Best Breakfast smoothies

On a normal day I don’t have too much time making breakfast before I go to gym so generally I just make a quick smoothie. I love smoothies because its a quick and easy way to work your daily fruit allowance into your diet. In addition a lot of research suggest that replacing a meal with liquid drinks is beneficial for weightless. Getting enough fruits and vegetables into yoru diet is also good for your skin and your digestive system. .. so why not have a smoothie then. Right?

My three favourite go to smoothies are berry, blueberry and a peanut-butter protein smoothie.

Blueberry Smoothie.

This is definitely one of the easiest smoothies to make. I usually make two with one small tub of Greek or  vanilla yogurt, a hand full of blueberries and about 1/2 a cup of milk. I pop everything in a blender and Viola! I usually look at the consistency of the smoothie to determine whether or not  to add more milk. My husband prefers it if I had a drop of honey to make it sweeter.

Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie.

This one is especially good when I’m doing a whole lot of weight training. It gives me a bit of extra protein in my diet and the sugar in the banana helps my body to absorb the suppliments in the protein powder to assist me with my workouts. All you need is 1/2 of milk or water ( for lower calories) 1/2 frozen banana, a scoop of chocolate flavoured protein powder and a table spoon of peanut butter all mixed together in a blender

Kiwi and Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

This one is also super easy. I blend half a tub of a small yogurt with 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries and some milk then pour it in a glass and do the same with the Kiwi or mango for a layered effect. Alternatively I blend any kind of frozen fruits with a tub of yogurt and some milk, depending on what’s in season or what I was in the mood for.


Breakfast smoothies are an amazingly nutritious breakfast alternative and the whole family will love it.

Jamie Eason 12 Week Live-Fit Trainer Review

Jamie Eason is the whole reason I got into weight training. For ages I thought, similarly to many other women, that weight training would make me bulky. At that time I only did cardio in the form of running or cycling at the gym. I was in OK shape but e when I got sick or couldn’t train for a while all my progress was lost…. Because I didn’t have a lot of muscles, I gained weight again quickly when I wasn’t training until a woman at the gym told me that I should do more weight training to help my body burn fat while I’m not active instead of only burning fat when I was active.

I was 23 years old waiting at the airport to leave for my honey moon when I bought a copy of Shape Magazine, Jamie Eason was on the cover and she didn’t look as bulky as most female bodybuilders, she also had that lovely toned stomach and I instantly wanted to look like that. I read her article and started doing the mini exercises in the magazine during my honeymoon.. I read her article over and over to see what she was doing and how she approached fitness. So naturally when she developed the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer, I just had to try it.

BY the time I started this exercise program I was already doing weight training for a few years. Although the program allows you to start on week 3 if you’ve already been training for a while, I started the program from week 1. I even got my husband and brother in law to join me and let me tell you…. its not for the faint of heart.

What I love most about the program is that you use weights that are 80% of your max effort and as your strength increase your max effort increases. Therefore it is always challenging. The other thing I love is that the exercises change every 2 weeks. This means that you would do the same sequence of exercises for 2 weeks and then it changes for the next 2 weeks. It beats the boredom you usually feel when doing a program for too long.

I’ve done this program a few times already and go back to it every few months to change things up a bit although I usually start with week 5 and finish the program or do it for 6 weeks and then move on to another program.

If you’ve reached a plateau or you’re looking for something new you should give Jamie Easons’ live Fit trainer a try. Its available on

Workout of the week

Hey guys!!

This weeks workout is HIIT cardio that you can include after your workout. You’re supposed to do the HIIT for 4 rounds but to be honest I only managed one and a half on the first day but was able to do 3 rounds on day 2 (Tuesday) On Wednesday I did legs, and I don’t usually do any type of cardio on leg days. Hopefully I’ll be able to do 4 rounds of the HIIT workout by the end of the week 🙂

HIIT Breakdown

  1. 20 X Jump-rope double unders ( jump one basic jump, then do one double under, this counts as 1)
  2. 20 X Kettle bell swings (alternatively you can do freehand squats)
  3. 20 X Jump lunges
  4. 20 X Hanging Knee raises

Join me this week and try to do 4 rounds of the HIIT exercise!!!





Create Sexual Energy in and Around Your Home

In ancient times new brides would go through a ceremony readying her body for her new husband. These would include ritual baths and massages. Sex between two people were considered sacred and magical. Nowadays people forget just how divine this act can be.

To bring back the divine nature of sex one could create spaces in your home that will evoke your womanly  eroticism.

Ceremonial Spaces


Creating a love or marriage corner in your home will provide a focus for your sensual intention. Every time you pass by it, it will serve as a reminder of your sexual desire and excitement.

Cover a small table or desk with red or purple cloth. Decorate it with scented candles, incense,massage oils and pictures of you and your lover. You could even little sex symbols or statues. For example a statue of Aphrodite or Adonis a Karma Sutra book or sexual amulets from various cultures or countries and some fresh flowers.

Enshrine your bed


Consecrated places create the stage for holy events – Olivia St Claire

Adorn your bed with luxurious fabrics. Use sheer and lacy fabrics in summer and warm furry blankets in winter. Decorate it with velvety, satin or Egyptian cotton pillows that entice the body and the mind. Place candles and fresh flowers on your bed stand and even hang a sexy sheer kimono from the bedpost. Pillows and fluffy rugs also serve as tools for kneeling positions or positions that require leverage.

Romantic Feng Shui


According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, certain areas in your living space represent certain aspects of your life. Your Love and Marriage corner lies in the right corner of the room as you enter it. This one really works, we had a plant in our house that we had to move during the summer because it wasn’t getting enough light sunlight where it was so my husband moved it into the right corner of our bedroom and ever since he’s done that we’re definitely having more sex…

To achieve Feng Shui in your love an marriage corner remove any clutter from this area and adorn it with pairs of things, plants, candles, love memento’s, quotes about love, fountains, fresh flowers, wind chimes, mirrors and pictures of you and your beloved. But avoid strong water, metal or wood element colours in this area.